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Product & Structural Design

Hong Kong Design Institute

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To senior citizens, pregnant women & injured individuals, bending over to put socks on can be frustrating. SWIFT enables us to put socks/shoes on/off effortlessly.

The use of bamboo ensures great flexibility made possible by the extremely lightweight & thin profile.

SWIFT helps to restore independence and dignity to our “disable-labelled” citizens.

To put on socks and shoes, use the larger end. Put the sock onto SWIFT, then simply slide the foot into the sock. The gradual increase of its cross-section helps to enlarge the sock opening as the foot pushes in. The tail (middle flap) is designed to double as a shoehorn.

To take off, use the slimmer end. Hold SWIFT upside-down at its tail, then insert the slim end into the sock to push it off. The sock will naturally slide under the metal piece and clipped tight for easy pick-up.