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2nd Year

Kingston School of Art

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‘Ge kurullava’ officially translates as ‘sparrow’ in Sinhalese but colloquially translates to ‘hope’. Worldwide Sparrows are disappearing without reason, and so are the citizens of Sri Lanka.

Prageeth Eknaligoda, a Sri Lankan victim of an ’Enforced Disappearance’, an innocent man who has been #takennotmissing by government officials.

The campaign has used a sparrow to represent a victim, like Prageeth, and by sharing sparrows is an acknowledgement of the lives of Sri Lankan victims who are #takennotmissing, urging the government to make a change while returning ‘hope’ to prageeth’s wife.

Team: Katie Richardson,Tilda Rawls, Kate Fagan, Lucy Gregory, Alex Hayes, Holly Moxham, Rose Afshar, Lucy Morris-Thomas and Mike Webb