Sinead Kirby Highly Commended

Product & Structural Design

Year of study
3rd Year

Kingston University

Sinead‘s Website

The ‘Humble Stick’ is arguably the best toy known to man; it can be anything and do anything. However today it is common to hear the words “PUT THAT STICK DOWN”.

A over-heightened sense of safety is defaming the stick. How can the stick become a safer and more attractive tool to play with? In addition, natural play is becoming increasingly sparse in urban communities. How can the stick be used to reintroduce natural play in urban areas?

Taking everyday found materials, the sticks have been repurposed with a playful approach that reiterates their function as play tools.

The project proposes to create open play spaces in the urban environment where children can make tree forts and engage in natural play with the repurposed sticks.

The act of building a tree fort can develop a variety of social, physical and cognitive skills. How children use these sticks is up to their imagination. They can be used as swords, fashioned as horses, built into cars—the options are limitless.