Nathan Brown Silver

Digital & Technology

Year of study
3rd Year

Falmouth University

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Our emergency services do a fantastic job at keeping our nation safe. However, a system that’s 80 years old is still used in our current digital era, and whilst it still works, there could be more steps to provide better accessibility and education in order to phone the correct services, faster.

A lack of education and accessibility to appropriate emergency numbers is costing lives and creating inefficiencies in an increasingly outdated system. Individuals often phone 999 instead of 111 and 101 for their respective medical and police non-emergencies.

In 2012, a BBC article noted a survey where only 3% of 2000 people knew that the 112 number would work across the EU – in a similar vein to 999.

The solution is reinvention through iconography in order to speed dial, in a move that could remove up to 15 seconds from a phone call which could mean life or death.