Lok Tin Nicholas Wong & Long Fung Matthew Cheng Bronze


Year of study

Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong

Men are deemed to be “strong”, “tough” and “logical”. In 2012, the male suicide rate in the UK was 3.5 times that of women.

Why? Some studies found that, the high male suicide rate is because of poor emotional education. Men think they have to be strong and can’t talk about feelings and emotions.

Because I’m not a robot aims to spread the message that men have a right to express their emotion and don’t need to hide it.

The reCAPTCHA application verifies if internet users are bots by asking users to select pictures of street signs & cars. However this time the images have been changed to show men crying with the user being asked to select the pictures of ‘real men’. A link to the Movember Foundation is accompanied.