Hani Lees Dresner Silver

Film & Photography

Year of study
2nd Year

Kingston University

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A photography series documenting the cancer journey and mastectomy of Wendy Dresner. ‘It’s not about the cancer itself, it’s about how you are able to deal with it and face it. It’s about what’s happening in your brain, not your body, that determines how you cope.’

Despite a rise in survival rates, there is still a lack of material that shows the reality of being a cancer survivor. They become defined by their cancer story, unable to move on and shake the label. But these men and women are bigger than their scars. They are more than a statistic.

This photography series shows Wendy Dresner, 2 weeks before, 2 days after, and a further 2 months after her mastectomy surgery. Her smile and unwavering optimism demonstrate the power of a positive attitude.