Gina Hopkins Highly Commended

Digital & Technology

Year of study
3rd Year

Falmouth University

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“Let’s Talk” is a partnership between Pearson Education and the sex education charity, Brook. The aim of the partnership is to improve communication around sex and relationships teaching between teacher and students and students and their peers.

It also aims to combat the increase in pornographic imagery that can be accessed easily online by informing young people on how to correctly interpret these images. The main outcome of the scheme is an interactive textbook which can be scanned to reveal more information without the risk of unsafe online search engines.

There is evidence that poor sex education can significantly affect people into adulthood. Better sex education has been linked to decreased rates of domestic violence as well as an 11% improvement of social and emotional skills, behaviour and academic performance.

By supporting young people with better information at an early stage of their lives, a greater social benefit is created for years to come.