Catherine Prowse, Jade Evans Bronze


Year of study
3rd Year

Kingston University

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A stop motion papercut animated documentary about the life of a Big Issue seller named Nicolas Lacatus.

The whole of the ausio is provided by Nicolas himself, as he describes difficult moments in his life and uncertainty about the future but remains hopeful about living in London and his job as a Big Issue seller.

Nicolas spends his days being ignored or avoided by most people he encounters. Yet his story encapsulates many issues we cared deeply about. Such as social inequality, homelessness, zero hours contracts, the sadness of separation from family and friends.

The aim of the documentary was to give a human face to the man behind the Big Issue Vendor vest that causes so many to awkwardly avert their eyes.

The majority of the paper world created for this animation was made out of Big Issue magazines themselves. The film shows the tension between the vulnerability of Nicolas’s situation and his hopefulness in the face of his precarious existence.