Aoife O’Doherty, Lydia Barber, Charlotte Allen, Scarlet Chetwin, Ollie George Gold

Graphic Design

Year of study
2nd Year

Kingston University

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The Lemonaid campaign for Amnesty International aims to encourage the public to welcome more refugees into the UK, connecting them through the common theme of food.

Lemons are one of the few possessions refugees carry with them on their journey to safety, acting as an aid for seasickness.

In one day, 200 lemons were given out as a symbol of safe passage, each in exchange for a signature supporting Amnesty International.

The campaign extended across social media using the hashtag #forthejourney. On the website, the public can put their lemon to use with recipes originating from refugees’ home countries, using lemon as a key ingredient.

Supporters can also host their own supper clubs through the website connecting them with refugees who have recently settled in the UK.

This encourages people to celebrate cultural diversity, connecting refugees with those far from the crises, and promoting their integration in the UK.