Spotlight: Charlotte Allen Winner’s Story

Over the next few months we will be sharing stories behind some of the winning projects from the 2017 Creative Conscience Awards. Up next is Charlotte Allen, who, with her team Aoife O’Doherty, Lydia Barba, Scarlett Chetwin and Ollie George, was awarded Gold in the Graphics category.

Amnesty International annually work with Kingston University as part of a live brief. The Amnesty brief is one of the most exciting and memorable briefs of second year at Kingston. It was a brief that I particularly was looking forward to. As soon as we were set the brief back in February, everyone was keen to act fast and produce a campaign that made a significant comment regarding the refugee crisis.

During the research stage, we discovered a Guardian article online stating that refugees carry lemons in their backpacks to help aid seasickness. We were shocked and surprised by this fact. A lemon, which is considered to have barely any value to us, becomes an invaluable item for refugees in times of desperation.

Charlotte Allen

Once we had this idea, we felt the most appropriate way to raise awareness was to have a traditional lemonade stand, pitched in central London. However we would not make actual lemonade, but instead we handed out lemons to commuters, reminding them of the powerful use of the lemon, to those also on a journey.

Lemonade Stand

The enormity of winning a Gold at Creative Conscience was completely unexpected and can now give the project full potential to expand and grow further.

Personally, Creative Conscience was the perfect awards competition for me to enter. I believe design shouldn’t be for designs sake and should have a wider impact on communities, people and the environment. I’ve been so lucky to win a gold for my entry, and I definitely will carry on to enter the competition in the future. I also have strong interests in sustainability and people, so I hope that my design continues to have a socially good outcome in the future.