Ideas for Sustainable Transformation Partnerships

For the second year my team at Unilever was a proud co-creator & supporter of The Creative Conscience Awards. And once again the creative inspiration was amazing.

I had an opportunity to review projects from students that were strongly aligned with our goals around the reduction of water usage, earth-friendly packaging and our ambition to create a brighter future through the power of creativity. I was particularly interested to see how the students’ creative minds would approach these difficult challenges and incorporate fresh concepts that might inspire and ignite interest within our R&D teams.

picture1It was fascinating to see how these fresh minds, not concerned by many of the commercial realities faced by our internal teams, approached these challenges that are so familiar to us. I saw entries from across the spectrum of design disciplines – everything from architecture, fashion, product, advertising, graphics, film, service design. The students’ almost naive perspective enabled them to unearth some really leftfield potential solutions to tough issues. We plan to run through the best projects with our teams to see how they respond and could perhaps inspire us to take some new creative leaps of our own.

breatheThe breadth and depth of the entries this year was truly impressive – some made me laugh, others made me cry. They were often provocative and inspiring and so many students & graduates found a way to make their solutions truly tangible and meaningful. It makes me feel that our future is in some very capable creative hands.

– Robert Pietrzyk