Toni Finnimore

The Social Society Partnerships

The Social Society is the UK’s first Social Club for Social Good. Based in Brighton, it is a subscription based community where members’ fees go to help local charities, skills are shared to offer long term support, and unique social events are held to connect local people and help reduce isolation.

The Social Society

Unfortunately, due to the COVID19 pandemic, The Social Society has been unable to bring people together in the usual way – gone are the days of beachside acoustic music pop-ups, supper clubs and end of year festivals.

Not to be discouraged, founder Toni Finnimore conceived an inspirational and ‘brilliantly bonkers’ plan to help support both the arts and charities across the UK by creating the #ShowsOnTheRoad Tour.

On December 10th this year, Toni will start touring the UK in a camper van. She plans to live stream over 100 artists and support 30 charities as she visits fifteen cities countrywide – all in a bid to support the arts.

The ‘Challenge Anneka’ style tour aims to pay many out of work artists as well as support charities along the way by using the skills and time of their followers. Toni is particularly interested in supporting those that have been affected by the pandemic and the journey itself will be filmed to watch via Patreon.

Collectively we can help those in need. Join Toni on her incredible journey #ShowsOnTheRoad and support her as she embarks on her tour.