The Serendipity Stories by YeSeul Kim Interviews

YeSeul Kim · Bonus Episode – ft. Chrissy Levett – Founder, Creative Conscience

“Here’s the basic truth. You are not defined by the title on your LinkedIn profile or the short bio on your Instagram page. Rather, you are and will be defined by the impact you make in the world.”

YeSeul Kim, a first generation Korean American now living in northern Italy, has learned this simple lesson as she takes a sabbatical from her business career. Formerly the Head of Strategy for an innovation district in Boston, YeSeul now focuses on storytelling.

She was inspired to take this path when she serendipitously met Chrissy Levett in the buffet line of House of Beautiful Business conference. Hearing how Chrissy had moved on from her career as a creative executive to founder of Creative Conscience, motivated YeSeul even further to commit to storytelling.

Seven months later, YeSeul released the first episode of Serendipity Stories, a narrative nonfiction podcast that spans across international lines and unpacks the long-term effects of chance encounters. Over the course of six episodes, she interviews a diverse set of guests as they reflect on how these unexpected moments changed their lives forever.


Podcasting felt like the ‘purest’ form of storytelling. “To make a story shine, you have to rely on the strength of the story’s character and tension,” says YeSeul. “In comparison, videography can manipulate the audience with images, text, animation, and colors.” YeSeul hopes to share what she learned from the process of producing a podcast to other women of colors in podcasting, who remain extremely underrepresented.


YeSeul wanted to produce feel good stories, especially in times where people are so divisive and quick to judge each other, she explains “right now it sometimes feels like the world is falling apart and people are anxious by the uncertainty and loss of control. So I wanted to share positive stories that A) highlighted something we have in common, which I think are these moments of serendipity and B) assure people that sometimes life just happens to us and eventually the reason will reveal itself in the future.”

Click here to listen to the most recent episode, which features Katherine Kylila Rice and how she accidentally became the first Black woman and youngest mayor elected in Geronimo, Oklahoma.

For more information about the podcast and to hear YeSeul’s chat with Chrissy in a bonus episode, check out and visit YeSeul’s website.