Thank you to New Designers & Graduate Award Entrants 2021 Partnerships

New Designers is an annual graduate design showcase full of disruptive thinking, ambitious ideas and fresh approaches – a perfect partnership for Creative Conscience as we too put new creatives at the heart of everything we do.

We were very excited to partner with New Designers for the second year running, both as a sponsor for ND Awards and as part of ND Educates where we hosted a talk: From Side Hustle to Day Job!

As an award sponsor, we had the privilege of setting two design briefs:

  • Creative Conscience Environmental Design Brief – asking students to create or build on a project that will improve our environment.
  • Creative Conscience Social Impact Design Brief – looking for projects that will have real benefit and impact in changing society for the better.

We received hundreds of outstanding entries and we would like to say a massive THANK YOU to each and every graduate that entered, for sharing our vision for a fairer, healthier more sustainable and regenerative world using the power of creativity.

We especially want to celebrate the work of the five finalists in each category – their ideas and creative solutions were impressive and inspiring. Special CONGRATULATIONS go to our category winners: Dominik Bondicov and Lloyd Potter, for thinking big and creating brave, impactful designs.

Creative Conscience Environmental Design Category – Finalists

Alex Witty (runner up) – Compound takes industry waste from across motorsport and converts it into unique, recycled fashionable footwear.

Dean Peerthy (runner up) – Modul, a fully modular toaster with replaceable cosmetic casings to ensure the product never goes out of style, and an internal module which houses all the functional parts, to allow your toaster to last forever. 

Dominik Bondicov (winner) –  The Green Reset project aims to bring greenhouse gas emissions output down from 51 billion tons to zero by using moss. By capturing carbon at the source, changing its structure, storing it efficiently and creating value from it, this radical and ambitious solution aims to solve our global emissions problem within a decade.

Lillian Richards (runner up) – Enabled is a project inspired by a Ted Talk by Arvind Gupta called ‘Toys From Trash For Learning’, an impactful period of working in Greece with Yazidi refugees, and her own knowledge of circus skills toys. Theses led Lillian to create juggling clubs and balls from 100% waste materials with the aim of sharing this knowledge to benefit communities around the world. 

Maya Zowada-Noise (runner up) – Nalu is an outdoor furniture installation which aims to encourage social interaction, whilst educating the public about the ever-growing issue of ocean plastic pollution. This installation is manufactured from 100% recycled ocean plastics and incorporates recycling bins for public use.

Creative Conscience Social Impact Design Category – Finalists:

James Derby (runner up) – Unity Is an ID card designed for inhabitants of areas vulnerable to natural disasters. Its built-in locator allows rescue services to find missing people more quickly. 

John Miller (runner up) – S.C.R.A.P. proposes the concept of using scrap material of timber waste and components from discarded bicycles to produce fully functioning and sustainable bikes.

Katy Thompson (runner up) – Zewadi is a project to raise awareness around hair-based discrimination using furniture. Katy wanted to ‘bring a sense of empowerment to people with afro, black and textured hair’ and designed a chair using sustainable materials. Watch Katy’s film below to learn more. 

Lloyd Potter (winner) –  A 2018 study focusing on the decision making process of jurors highlighted the strong bias held towards the defendant which has a substantial affect on how justice is served. Lloyd designed BYAS with the aim of ensuring protection against discrimination within the criminal justice system, no matter your gender, race or age. 

Penny Collier (runner up) – The Halfpenny Press is designed as a newsprint publication which visually responds to articles from The Manchester Guardian, celebrating the rich and colourful lives of the city’s inhabitants 200 years ago.

This year’s award ceremony took place on line on Wednesday 30 June at 6.00pm when the winners from all thirty three categories were announced. You can watch the ceremony here.