Nicky Kaur Director of Tech + Innovation

Nicky Kaur

Nicky is co-founder of the multi award winning film series TryLife, where she helped to sculpt and implement the most complex, interactive film series ever created. Trylife is a unique purpose driven production and distribution company that aims to add real social value and bring the world closer together. Trylife’s social media output has been incredibly successful and impactful, reaching billions and its videos views have run into millions.

Having spent twenty plus years in logistics and project management roles, Nicky moved towards her passion for story telling through film making and combined this with her drive to make positive change, whilst fuelling the ambitions and opportunities amongst young people.

Nicky sees people: not the labels assigned to them based on society’s need for the convenience of division, nor the hurdles that may once have held them hostage, nor even the privileges that may have helped them find their way here. She sees people: their potential, their uniqueness, their individual talents and flaws.

With that same energy and affinity for leading the way for future generations, Nicky also teaches interactive film making at the School for Cinematic Arts at USC.