Build a Game Changing Project in just three months!

Live Classes + Coaching, 21 July – 4 October 2020
Our Creative Summer School for Social and Environmental Change Makers is a new course, which combines online learning, coaching and peer network support to help you create and develop meaningful projects with the potential to positively CHANGE our WORLD.


About the course


The course is led by Chrissy Levett, Creative Conscience Founder, award winning Creative Director + Change Maker. Chrissy will be joined by special guests throughout the eight sessions live online, and arrange coaching sessions for smaller groups of participants in between.

Chrissy + team will guide you through the course and get you to dig deep to tap into your creative super-powers and build an amazing impact project, which tangibly delivers positive social and / or environmental outcomes.

You will learn:

  • How to tap into your creativity and purpose to build a project based purely on delivering positive social or environmental impact
  • How to be resilient in challenging times
  • The importance of identifying what you are going to change and how
  • How to develop your concept, brand and positioning
  • How to stay continuously inspired, positive and in action
  • Ways to galvanise audience input and feed this into your research and development
  • How to be the number one ambassador for your project and take this beyond your expectations
  • Etc…

On your journey with Creative Conscience you will be:

  • Supported by an expert tutor who is there to guide and help answer any questions that you may have throughout the course.
  • Part of a group network providing mutual peer support and shared experience
  • Encouraged to grow and effectively build knowledge, confidence and development skills.
  • On your own journey of self-development. This course can be personally and professionally life-changing for you and those around you


This year we are launching a membership model, based on requests from our community. Its focus is Creative Thinking for Social & Environmental Impact.

Join a community – building, teaching and celebrating tangible positive change in the world, through creative thinking.

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