Steve Lazarus On Finding Creativity in A Hospital Bed to Launching a Podcast Interviews


Interview with Steve Lazarus, founder and host of Your London Legacy.

Steve’s mission is to introduce listeners to the Londoners who contribute to our beautiful city. To let them tell you their stories, their passion, their desires. Steve recently chatted to Creative Conscience founder Chrissy Levett which you can listen to here.

Read below about Steve’s inspiring story:

‘You haven’t got a creative bone in your body’. That’s what I always thought or at least what I had always assumed until around 3 years ago. I was 53 years old then and almost certainly wasn’t thinking a creative future was in front of me as I lay on my hospital bed, following my second back operation in quick succession. The only thing on my mind at the time was to recover from the incredible pain, regain the mobility that I had taken for granted all my life, and how to keep myself amused and occupied during those long hours that stretched to 10 days flat and motionless on my back, with cannulas and catheters protruding from my sore tired body.

I wasn’t able to sit up in bed, couldn’t read or watch TV, and so the best way I found to keep my brain active and pass the time, was to connect myself up to my tablet and smart phone, plug in my earpiece and listen to the radio and audio books. But then, I sort of stumbled into the world of podcasts. I think I must have been aware of this relatively new form of entertainment that was still in its infancy in the UK back then and didn’t know too much what to expect. One or two American podcast shows got me hooked. John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneurs on Fire, The Tim Ferris and James Altucher shows really grabbed my attention. Here were excellent erudite, interesting hosts, chatting with, and interviewing some of the most incredible and fascinating personalities on the planet. From sporting greats, to business legends, young and old. I just fell in love with the concept of tuning into to great conversations about things that matter in the word at a time and place of my choosing. In my case, this was mostly under the bedsheets- not least to hide from the putrid smell of decay and disease on my ward. I needed something to nurture my mind and I had found it, for free in an endless easy to access style.

They say, ideas come to you when you least expect them or at least in the shower when your mind is free. Well the idea to create my own podcast was born while flat on my back at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in April 2017. Looking back, I guess I must have been inspired by what I heard because as soon as I was discharged I took to the internet to do some research and by chance ( or serendipity) found Mark Asquith ( Captivate FM), who was not only the UK partner of John Lee Dumas, but also became my trusted advisor and mentor for the next couple years.

Initially my idea was to create a podcast that acted as a marketing tool for my business and day job, The Claims Desk. I’ve dealt with property insurance claims most of my working life and thought this would be a good idea to generate leads. But after around 6 weeks I turned to Mark and told him how the idea of relating the podcast to my business was dull and boring. Mark quite rightly told me, if I was bored by the idea then how on earth do I think my audience would feel. And that right there was the best decision I have ever made in connection with my podcast. We bounced some ideas around and established, I was good at one on one interviews having done it all my working life. I was fascinated by people, and psychology and what makes us tick. I love London, having lived and worked there all my life. And so, the concept of Your London Legacy was born.

I was going create and host a brand-new podcast, telling the timeless stories of London’s amazing personalities. After months of research, branding and setting up all the back end and getting to know the techy stuff for the first time in my life, and with huge amounts of fear and trepidation what people would think, I launched Your London Legacy July 2018.

Two years on and we are getting close to 100 guests, and thousands of downloads right across the globe, from the UK to Australia and Guam! Little old me and a microphone.

The podcast is my baby and whatever happens next, I’m proud to say that I created it. Of course, I needed help along the way, and people to show me the path, but from nothing I have created something, and it makes me proud.

The wonderful Brene Brown author of New York Times Best Seller ‘Dare to Lead’ and Ted Talk Legend said ‘’ there is a wild, untamed connection between our inherent creativity and our yearning for a meaningful, purpose driven life’. I guess Id never considered myself to have an inherently creative bone in my body. But all my life I must have been wrong.