Spread awareness, not STI’s this Christmas Impact

We have just launched a sexual health experiment this Christmas with the charity Brook to raise awareness of the dangers of sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) & HIV that have risen in recent years due to dating apps and a lack of awareness. 

This idea was based on a Creative Conscience winning concept from 2015.

The team, now graduates, Claire Guiller, Sabine Haddad, Greg Ormrod & Thomas Worthington supported by ourselves and Creative Director, Ben Akers, encourage people to pay more attention to their sexual and reproductive health. 

The #safexxxmas experiment launched last week, using attractive young volunteers for the profile pictures, but with an STI as their name and details about the condition and symptoms within their full profile showing just how easy it is to be blinded by a pretty face when it comes to being sexually safe.

Laura Hamzic from Brook says: “We know that STI rates are on the rise, particularly among young people and while there is no strong evidence to suggest dating apps are fuelling this rise, this campaign cleverly demonstrates how easy it can be to get carried away in the heat of the moment.

“Our Brook clinics see a third more people in January, so we know that young people are having fun over the festive season. We would encourage everyone to get their contraception organised ahead of time – especially condoms, as they are the only contraceptive method that will protect you from STIs.

And remember, many people with STIs don’t have symptoms so if you do end up having unprotected sex, make sure you get tested.”

We had many responses some really positive thanking us for the advice, even congratulating us on the concepts, others not so friendly.

Watch this space for more data and results from the trial. 

Please everyone have a great fun filled safe and happy holiday.