Spotlight: Daniel Liakh Winner’s Story

Over the past couple of months we have been sharing stories behind some of the winning projects from the 2017 Creative Conscience Awards. Now it’s Daniel Liakh’s turn to tell you about his teams project and experience with Creative Conscience. They were awarded bronze in the Advertising category after studying at London College of Communication, and now Daniel is working as a freelance art director at BBH London.

It all started when myself, Joshua Croston (copywriter) and Dominic Tung (designer and art director) watched a movie called Listen. The film is about a foreign woman in a burqa trying to get help at a police station; and her assigned translator is not willing to report exactly what she is telling. The film is an example about how language barriers can allow for discrimination, and it can potentially ruin lives.

Meanwhile, I also became interested in the development of speech recognition software – technology that will soon dominate the market. Skype is already using the software, and has created the foundations for real life translation of human speech. Having gained inspiration from these sources, we decided to create an idea that would give refugees (and anyone in need of help) the opportunity to be understood wherever they are in the world, and get help regardless of their language skills.

The main challenge was figuring out the best user experience, so that even a child could access this technology and find it intuitive to use.

The communication industry is massively responsible for shaping the world. From the latest developments in technology to advertising, each of us can do at least a bit of good to help the world in one way or another. Looking at the drastic state of events around us today, ideas that do good are invaluable. All that said, Creative Conscience does a great job in promoting such way of thinking and rewarding work, that can really create change.

To win an award, it felt humbling but equally inspiring. The level of work entered into the awards was amazing. We met people and work from several continents, and it felt so good to be a part of such a diverse community.

I come from Ukraine, a country that has survived many unfortunate events. As a designer I believe that if we can use our skills and talent to change something, we should. We all have something that we hate, or something that we think could be made more helpful, and we have the power to make the changes that are needed.