Sam Canvin

Taking the big leap to the Big Apple – Sam Canvin Winner’s Story

Winning a Creative Conscience Award in 2014 provided me with connections, mentoring and opportunity to change my life. Two years on I’m in New York City. It certainly changed my trajectory, and what I thought was possible.

I landed my first internship through Creative Conscience and was thrown into an environment full of other designers. I asked questions and absorbed everything. I gained valuable advice, technical skills and ideas on how to approach the industry and get noticed. There’s no one better to ask for interview advice than the people doing the interviews.

I was soon introduced to a creative company here in the States, and by getting out there and meeting new people, the wheels where set in motion for my big move to New York. I am now weighing up options and offers. Who knows where I’ll end up in another two years!

Gaining a Creative Conscience Award, and then being part of their community, gave me the toolkit, a platform and knowledge. It pushed me into a new way of thinking about what I might want from a creative career. It has completely changed my life. The payback from entering the awards has been a brilliant adventure, made possible from designing for a better world.