Rosa Kim: Why I’m entering the awards Interviews

Rosa Kim is a 21-year-old creative student from London, currently studying at Ravensbourne. She will be entering a project into The Creative Conscience Awards 2018, and has been kind enough to share her story, what motivates her to ‘design for good’ and why she’s entering.

At the age of 18, I discovered that my mother had breast cancer. Being the eldest child of a single parent home, who was also just about to start university, this was one of the most significant challenges of my life. I went from going to college and having a laugh with my friends to trying to find the balance between hospital trips, caring for my autistic brother and university deadlines.

During this time I fell into a terrible depressive state and distanced myself from practically everything. The experience wasn’t something I understood let alone was prepared for, and as a result, I lost a lot of friends, pushing me into deeper isolation. I had 100 questions streaming through my head, from whether or not my mother was going to survive? Was her condition biological? Did I need to change my health routines? Who was to take full-time care of my brother? Should I drop out of university? I was a mess. I lived with my questions, went to bed with them, woke up with them, ate with them and sat in lectures with them.

One evening, whilst at university, I suddenly felt my breath shorten, my heart started to race, I felt dizzy, and an overwhelming level of emotions and tears rushed through me. It was a panic attack. It was at that moment I knew I had to speak up about what I was living through. After speaking with student services I signed up to counselling which were extremely helpful in encouraging me to take charge of my time, moving towards a stronger and healthier mental state.

I became motivated to use my creative skills to tackle this issue, inspired by the people all over the world having similar experiences to myself. Finding out I wasn’t alone touched me in a way I can’t really articulate, but it inspired me to take a positive action.

My project is a mental health platform designed to give those experiencing mental illnesses a voice. The platform allows individuals to submit their personal stories with the aim of building a community where mental illnesses are openly spoken about and tackled. The platform also provides general advice to motivate the audience into taking charge of their mental states. It comes in various forms, including an exhibition back in November which explored emotions through photography and poetry. The project has also recently been commended by the Mayor of London.

I’m entering the Creative Conscience Awards as it embraces projects with a positive meaning. To me, this is very important, especially in the current social climate. If I win an award I hope to reach more people that could benefit from my project as I continue my mission in changing how people see and treat those with mental health problems. I would also love to collaborate with other Creative Conscience winners and contacts so that the projects could really blossom into everything I hope it could be.

Being in the well-being sector, I naturally come across a lot of people with amazing ideas who are looking for a place to showcase themselves and receive support to bring their ideas to life – I believe The Creative Conscience Awards are the perfect opportunity. I would encourage anyone to enter.

The deadline for Creative Conscience Awards is April 20th (with a May 23rd deadline for Architecture & Interiors projects). Winners will be announced at the awards in July and work will be showcased alongside previous winners here.