Past Creative Conscience Winner Talks about Ecotopia Interviews

Caitlin Parks is an illustrator and printmaker, she graduated from the university of Westminster in 2014. Currently working in London, she has spent the last year setting up Underway Studio, a screen printing studio and collective. She has a keen interested in nature and our impact on the environment, which can be seen, in both her past and current work.

Eco Train - Caitlin Parks

In 2014 Caitlin won silver in the illustration and animation category at Creative Conscience Awards for her campaign posters about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Created from screen prints and digital illustration and conveyed the disastrous effects plastic bags and waste has on the ocean and its marine life. She believes that humans have become somewhat immune to the constant bombardment of campaign photos and that through illustration the message be more impactful.

Caitlin is also one of the Illustrators taking part in an exciting new project “Ecotopia: A sustainable vision for a better future’. Ecotopia is an installation showcasing the sustainable visions of leading experts in science, philosophy, design and architecture that creating a three-dimensional, multi-sensory experience using sight, sound and touch.

The installation was inspired by Ernest Callenbach’s 1975 novel Ecotopia, which urges its readers to adopt a new mind set that places sustainability and saving our planet at the core of our values and actions, so we can imagine a new life beyond unbridled consumption and growth.


Climate change is the most urgent issue we must tackle to ensure our survival, as it is being accelerated and exacerbated by our activity. We have been made to believe that we must constantly consume new things and upgrade to the latest model to keep the economy growing and thus attain the good life, but this does not take into consideration the depletion of our planet and the huge amounts of waste generated. In the last fifty years alone, we have stripped our planet of a quarter of its topsoil and a third of its forests. A third of all our planet’s resources has been consumed in the last forty years. Our mindless acquisition of “stuff” must end.

Ecotopia will be at the Brompton Design District at 3 Cromwell Place, London SW7 2JE from 17 to 25 September 2016 and will be part of The London Design Festival.

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