Miranda: Accessing Justice for all Case Study, Inspiration, Winner’s Story

Winners: Creative Conscience Gold Award 2020

Despite what people may think due to recent media attention, accountability and safety have been an issue in my community since I was born.

It’s not new.

And it hasn’t changed.

That’s why, when my partner David Lopez and I were given the task of ‘creating an innovative solution to urban violence between youth and police’, we knew accountability would play a crucial role.

Growing up in vulnerable communities, I know how much the truth gets muddled on both sides of urban interactions. Vulnerable youth and law enforcement are both equally victimized in a world where ‘choosing sides’ is publicized more than the truth is.

We created Miranda to make the truth more indisputable.

We created Miranda to show that both sides need to feel safe in order to truly attain peace.

On top of that, legal literacy also played a huge part in the execution of this idea. It is nearly impossible for a young person thrust into the legal system to understand all the jargon, processes and procedures that takes lawyers up to eight years of schooling to truly comprehend.

Educating ourselves on our rights and due processes can minimize a lot of stress when interacting with the legal system, and in some cases, it may even prevent false accusations and convictions.

In no way is Miranda an attempt at scrutinizing good police officers. It’s an attempt at keeping them safer by understanding that a split second of anxiousness can result in a death on either side of urban interactions.

We created Miranda with the goal of exposing this truth and hopefully inspiring others to give more value to legal literacy, accountability, and safety.

By Tyler J. Edwards

Tyler J. Edwards, David Lopez

Additional editing and art direction of the video by Catalina Winitzky and Tadeo Stefan