By becoming a Creative Conscience Member, you will join a community of creative thinkers, who are focused on using the power of creativity purely for social and environmental impact.

In order to change the world, you first have to imagine something different and that’s what we are about. We inspire, celebrate, reward and support our industry, working alongside the next generation to use their talents for positive change.

We are a diverse community of like-minded people who believe in this shared vision – a vision of building a fairer, healthier and more sustainable world.

What are the benefits?

Membership is available to individuals, corporate partners and educational institutions and includes many benefits:

  1. Discounts to Creative Conscience events throughout the year including training, lectures, workshops, Creative Change Makers events.
  2. Free tickets to Creative Conscience Awards night.
  3. Extend your network further by hosting or speaking at one of our events.
  4. The Creative Conscience logo endorsement: a members-only stamp of recognition for your support for this initiative on website and email signature.
  5. As a member, your logo will be displayed on our website with a direct link to yours.
  6. Memberships gives 25% discounts, for entry into the Creative Conscience Awards.
  7. Join our on-line community live for monthly check-ins and community connections starting May 2021
  8. Discounts of 20% discounts for our on-line impact courses.
  9. Free access to any research data – we currently focus on creativity and purpose with mental health & well-being.

B-Corps, NGOs and charities can apply here for discounted rates: