Make some noise – Betty Barucco

Make Some Noise Impact

In 2018 Betty Barucco entered Creative Conscience Awards with the brilliant ‘Make Some Noise’ campaign which aimed to raise awareness around the UK festival industry, which generates 23,500 tonnes of waste annually, of which only 32% is recycled.

“It’s time to make some NOISE. Using music festivals’ unique sense of community and change, and powered by Netflix’s global reach, this multimedia campaign aims to educate and inspire young people to ditch single-use plastics and become more sustainable. A defined call-to-action is recurrent across communication channels: the promotional video, the zero-waste starter kit, and the festival event itself, where festival goers are invited to have their say and #makesomenoise”.

– Betty Barucco

For whatever reason the judges did not give Betty’s project an award but we loved it and felt it needed to be celebrated and shown to the world. We started by showcasing it at our Conscious Consumption – Creative Change Makers event held at the Design Museum, London in September 2018. We created a film from this event for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (DIF initiative) and included Betty’s campaign.

This jointly received over a 1000 views and was one of the most popular videos within the DIF’s online programming. We didn’t stop there – we managed to engage Rob da Bank, founder of Bestival and Camp Bestival, with the campaign and he agreed to show it on the main stage during this summers festival season.

Creative Conscience doesn’t just support award winning students and graduates, we engage, inspire and support those who use their talent to positively change our world.

A massive thanks to Betty for using her talent to make a difference, the Design Museum, L&Co, Rob da Bank and all the team at Camp Bestival… you literally rock!