Last errors of Plastic – Shinny Jain Winner’s Story

My Project

In my final year of a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design at Pearl Academy, New Delhi, I came up with the idea of reusing the packets of chips to weave textiles and create garments. Currently, India is dealing with lot of waste management issues and number 5 plastic, polypropylene, which I have used in my collection is not recycled in India. This concept of creating awareness around the need for recycling and reusing, I created a collection of five garments each highlighting an issue currently faced by Indian society: overpopulation, water pollution, methane gas exposure, power failure and air pollution.

My Experience

I came to London to collect my CCA award and since then it has been a rollercoaster journey! CCA awards gave me a chance to get associated with lot of industry professionals and open my mind to sustainability as a career. In India, sustainability is still an unknown territory and I struggled a lot to get my fashion collection accepted.

After meeting professionals in the industry at the award function and surrounding myself with designers who think alike in terms of environment, I started exploring more around the field of sustainability and came across course in Kingston University. Meeting John-Paul Flintoff and talking about my ideas, gave me confidence to pursue with my choice of sustainable design as career. Also, getting a mentor like Jo-Anne Godden who has established herself in the sustainable fashion industry was a big boost and helped me to decide to pursue a degree in sustainability at Kingston University.

The Future

I have just completed my masters in Sustainable Design from Kingston University with Distinction. Currently I am working as sustainability and UX design consultant in London. I hope to see myself grow in the sector of providing services for public sector organisations, researching and designing better models and methodologies for students, citizens and patients. With this in mind I have started my own venture based on this ideology:

Green Dice, Twitter

Being associated with the Creative Conscience Awards has been an important stepping stone, both personally and professionally, and I continue to draw on the support of the network.