Thomas Kolster Advertising

Thomas Kolster is the author of the book “Goodvertising” which highlights how advertising can create value for both brand and the bottom line, people and the planet at the same time. It’s seen as the most comprehensive book to date exploring communication for good.

As the Director of the Goodvertising Agency, he’s helping companies, non-profits and agencies understand this new reality. He is also the founder of WhereGoodGrows; the world’s first best-practice collaborative platform that aims to share sustainable communication solutions to accelerate knowledge and ultimately do greater good for people, the planet and business.

Thomas is an experienced keynote speaker, his belief being that the communication industry has a pivotal role to play in promoting a more sustainable mindset and behaviour, and that by making advertising better we can make the world better. The Huffington Post recently dubbed him “Inspirational Leader”.

Thomas has also been invited to judge several international communication award shows such as the D&AD, Creative Circle Award, Creative Conscious Award and EthicMark Award. Furthermore, he’s a regular contributor to The Guardian and several other business and advertising publications.