Omar Vulpinari

Omar is a multi-disciplinary Creative Director and Innovative Laboratory Leader who has dedicated his career to communicating design for social change, culture and business. His work is focused upon developing strategies for systemic branding and connected commercial advocacy, for awareness raising and behavioural change campaigns, guerrilla marketing tactics, online participatory initiatives, mobile applications, editorial projects and community-based co-design initiatives.

He is vastly experienced in the strategic and creative direction of research and innovation-based projects, most notably at Fabrica – the Benetton-owned Research Centre – where he has directed groups of young and talented designers and technologists in the exploration of new interpretations of creativity across a broad range of genre-shifting initiatives. Up until 2013, Omar acted as Director of the ‘Expanded Media Area’ with responsibility for the teams leading visual communication, interaction and online experience, video and sound; he was also Creative Director of the ‘Visual Communication Department’ where he directed projects that were designed to address the big issues that are effecting our lives today.

In 2008, his team was awarded the ‘Graphis Platinum G Advertising Award’ for the UNWHO-UNICEF Global Child Injury Prevention campaign. From 2010 to 2012, the team was awarded three ‘Good Design Awards’ for their UNWHO campaigns for ‘Climate Change Hurts’, ‘Decade of Road Safety’ and ‘Disabling Barriers’.