Jim Reeves Product & Structural Design

After ten years at the London based product design consultancy therefore ltd. Jim Reeves and Martin Riddiford (one of the founding Directors of therefore) co-invented the award-winning GravityLight. GravityLight was an in-house product development project, in response to an impossible brief: to create a solar product at a price that people who rely on kerosene could afford. The outcome: GravityLight is a gravity-powered light that relies on no batteries or external environmental factors, designed from first principles as a viable replacement for kerosene in developing countries.

Jim is now Technical Director of GravityLight; looking at problems in a different way and reconsidering the ground rules. Inspired by the question of ‘how to do more with less,’ whilst balancing performance, cost and quality, Jim is now dedicated to developing GravityLight and Deciwatt’s future range of devices within an innovative social business model.