Darren Conway Film & Photography

Over a decade ago, Darren was one of a group of distinguished directors, producers and cinematographers that came together to ?set up the multi-award winning independent television production company ‘Infocus Asia’ (IFA) in Singapore. The company now has offices in Beijing, Bangkok and Taiwan and specialises? in making long-form factual entertainment for the international market. It has been a dedicated partner to various clients across the globe with a credit list of international broadcasters that include BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Animal Planet and Channel 4 amongst others.

Conway started out in international news gathering and documentary film making joining the BBC’s Foreign Bureau in Hong Kong in 1994. Using Asia as a base, he went on to travel throughout the world covering a broad range of international news events for which he has won the Royal Television Society’s ‘Cameraman of the Year’ award four times during his work in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Cambodia and East Timor (he has been a finalist for the same award on three other occasions).

He has also filmed, produced and directed many documentaries for the BBC and National Geographic including ‘Borneo Burning’, ‘The Missing Million’, ‘The Bangkok Hilton’, ‘Iraq, A Cameraman’s Story’, ‘Geisha Girl’ and ‘Fish Wars’.