Chris Sherwin Product & Structural Design

Chris has 15 years of experience in the sustainability field, specialising in linking environmental and social responsibility with innovation, product and packaging design and marketing. He recently recently joined global design and innovation consultancy Seymoupowell to lead their sustainability work, but has previously held roles in brand marketing consultancy Dragon Rouge, as Head of Innovation at Forum for the Future, plus worked client-side in Philips and Electrolux.

Chris’s consulting experience includes: sustainability strategy work with companies like The Tetley Group, Cadbury, General Mills, Mars. Innovation and product development work with PepsiCo, Boots, BT, BASF, SC Johnson, LG, Samsung, Heinz, UK Technology Strategy Board.

Chris has worked on sustainable branding with Dolmio, Ahlstrom, Tork, Comfort, Sunsilk, SABmiller, Nature Valley. He has advised and trained people on sustainability in Unilever, P&G, Johnson Matthey and Interfaceflor. Chris helped develop and launch sustainable ‘products’ to the market with Dulux, Sony Ericsson, O2 and BP.

He is a recognised thought leader on sustainable design and innovation, and regularly present on these issues at conferences. Chris holds a PhD in this area, titled ‘Innovative Ecodesign’, from Cranfield University.