How can creativity build positive change? – DIF Film News

Creative Conscience, in partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, is proud to present a short film on creative thinking for a better world. 

Premiering on DIF (Disruptive Innovation Festival), Ellen MacArthur’s online platform, the film talks about the different roles creativity can play in building a positive future and developing a circular economy. 

Edited in-house by Creative Conscience award winner Nathanael Johnson, the film showcases creative work done by Creative Conscience award winners and features speakers talking around the issue. Through the creation of the film, it has also provided a valuable experience to a member of the Creative Conscience community.

Speakers in the film include:

– Jonathon Porritt – Founder & Director, Forum for the Future
– Paul Barlow – Founder & Creative Director, B Corp branding agency L&Co
– Laura McGonigal – Leader of Sustainability, Ecover and Method
– Chrissy Levett – Founder & CEO, Creative Conscience
– Lily Dryden – Graphic Designer, Creative Conscience winner
– Leuan Lewis – Graphic Designer, Creative Conscience winner

Please take the time to watch the film, here at Creative Conscience we are incredibly proud that we were able to put this together and make this happen.

Special thanks to Frog Capital, Rampage Studios and Friends House Euston.