What we do

We host workshops, share insight lectures and run change-making events.

Our workshop subjects include:

  • Building a purpose-driven brief
  • Collaboration & team building
  • How to develop a creative environmental or social impact project
  • Creating actions, impact and more.

Upcoming Events + Courses

Creative Impact Programmes (CIP)

Applications for the next Creative Impact Programme (CIP) is open now.

Creative thinking can positively change our world and now is the time to build better.

Creative Changes Makers 2021

Creative Change Makers 21 went online, with some of today’s most inspiring creative visionaries. Those how joined in became be part of this movement for ACTION. We’re not about hot air, we’ve always been about IMPACT.

Creative Change Makers 2020

In February we launched the Creative Change Makers 2020 conference that changed our world for the better. We know this because over 85% of those surveyed post the event – said they actually made a positive action to build social + environmental impact. It was our most ambitious event so far, spanning four days at three different London venues from 5th–8th February.

Change Makers: Mental Health 0.2

For the second year running, we are proud to present our Design Change Makers event on ‘Creativity and the Challenges of Mental Health & Well-Being’ to be held on 01.03.19. The event will inform, engage and inspire creative thinkers to explore positive solutions within this challenging realm, showcasing some amazing projects...

Past Events

Previous events have included:

  • Design Change Makers: Mental Health
  • Design Change Makers: Conscience Consumption.

In February 2020 we launched an International Creative Change Makers Conference, hosted live in London, with some of our amazing partners and keynote speakers including Sir Jonathon Porritt and other creative leaders.

We’ve moved this online for February 2021.

Creative Change Makers ‘Conscious Consumption’

We are a creative community and global not-for-profit organisation who believe that creative thinking can make positive change. We empower, train and reward creative thinkers to use their talents for positive social and environmental impact.

Free IMPACT Workshop


If You’re Creative, Fed Up & Want To Make The World A Better Place…Here’s How To Start!

London Design Festival Talk @ V&A

Chrissy Levett (Creative Conscience), explores how the next generation of designers are changing their focus, adapting to the environmental, social and economic needs of our time. And discuss how can we empower, inspire and create change in response to the world’s biggest challenges.

Creative Conscience Awards Ceremony 2021

Another challenging year on, we invite you to join us in celebrating the hundreds of people + projects submitted to us for our Creative Conscience Awards.

Today, we see it as more important than ever to acknowledge, encourage and reward the next generation of creative thinkers and change makers who are willing to take positive action.

We welcome everyone from educators + speakers, to industry…

Creative Change Makers ‘Conscious Travel’

As our world stopped during COVID-19, so did a lot of the damage to our beautiful earth. So, as we ease back into the travel that was killing our planet, how can we do things differently?


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