Creative Change Makers 2020

In February we launched the Creative Change Makers 2020 conference that changed our world for the better. We know this because over 80% of those surveyed post the event – said they actually made a positive ACTION to build social + environmental IMPACT. It was our most ambitious event so far, spanning four days at three different London venues from 5th-8th February. Inspirational speakers included Sir Jonathan Porritt, Sian Sutherland (A Plastic Planet), Anthony Burrell, Mark Shayler, Adah Parris, Will Skeaping (Extinction Rebellion), and many, many more.

Impact and action was the message we wanted to give to everyone who joined us and through a wide-ranging agenda of inspiring presentations, panels, challenges and networking opportunities, we encouraged people to connect, communicate and pledge to change the world we live and work in for the better.

Join us next time to learn, be inspired, engage and take away tools and ideas to make a positive difference in our world through creativity.

Past Events

We run Design Change Maker events, where we bring together creative thinkers who are making a positive difference in the world, to light, celebrate and encourage tangible positive outcomes. Some of our past events include Design Change Makers: Mental Health & Mental Health 0.2 and Design Change Makers: Conscience Consumption which was hosted at the Design Museum.

We also took part in the Ellen MacArthur foundation – Disruptive Innovation Festival in late 2018 & then again in 2019, creating content films for their platform. See 2019 film here.

Summer School – is finished now but with 90% retentions on the competition of the course. For on-line learning this is an outstanding result. Candidates successfully build impact projects as part of this game changing programme.

Summer School Change the World