Creative Conscience Awards Ceremony 2021

Another challenging year on, we invite you to join us in celebrating the hundreds of people + projects submitted to us for our Creative Conscience Awards.

Today, we see it as more important than ever to acknowledge, encourage and reward the next generation of creative thinkers and change makers who are willing to take positive action.

We welcome everyone from educators + speakers, to industry professionals + any kind soul who wants to support and join our cause of making this world a better place – through finding and enabling creative solutions to our most critical challenges.

Most importantly, we warm heartedly invite all award winners with friends/families to celebrate your great achievements. We are so proud and grateful to have you all involved in creating this vision.

Creative Conscience is a charity – 100% of any funds raised from this event go directly back into our work in education, training + building impact – socially valuable projects, promoting sustainability, freedom, social health + wellbeing.