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As our world stopped during COVID-19, so did a lot of the damage to our beautiful earth. So, as we ease back into the travel that was killing our planet, how can we do things differently?

As we begin to leave the house, enjoy our friends + family, and pack our bags to travel again we must be conscious of our very own footprints left behind.

For the year we were locked away, air pollution dropped, carbon emissions were at an all-time low, and our planet went silent.

The cleaner air we’ve been breathing is one of the only positive things to come out of COVID-19, and that can change again very quickly again if we revert back to the same tracks as before.

In this one-hour plus session, meet very special guest speakers, Nick Hand and Ed Gillespie. As well as Creative Conscience founder Chrissy Levett.

  1. Conscious packing + spending
  2. Suppliers + supply chain
  3. Local residents + communities
  4. Recycling + the environment

We’ll take you through meaningful tools and practical actions to help you make positive changes when on the move. Travel better, travel smarter, travel slow.

Chrissy Levett
Chrissy is an accomplished designer, creative director and trained illustrator. Founded of Creative Conscience in 2012 and works only on creativity for social & enviromental impact. She has ‘slow traveled’ around the world for decades visting more than 120 countries on what she discribes as ‘Chicken Bus Travel’ crossing boarders overland where ever possible, once trained it all the way back from North Korea to Europe. She has filled pocket scores of sketch books with images ‘observed’ not photographed, some of which might be shared.

Ed Gillespie
Ed is a seriously credible and experienced voice on a range of future-focused travel issues; from slow and low carbon overland travel (read his ‘The Beauty of Slow’ article), sustainable urban mobility and destination management, to how climate action can and must be reframed as seismic opportunity not just catastrophic threat. A regular media contributor from the BBC to the Guardian (for whom he wrote a regular column during his flight-free navigation of the world – ‘The Slow Traveller’) to Conde Naste (read his latest piece on ‘7 reasons to travel by train in 2020’), Ed is a sought after speaker, event host, lively compere and trusted Chairperson, renowned for his entertaining presentations laced with thoughtful insights, trends and humour. Since 2001, he has presented all over the world, from Hong Kong to Bratislava, from Korea to Auckland. And he’s been heard by every kind of audience, from the UN and national governments, to multi-national corporations and global associations. He is the author of ‘Only Planet – a flight-free adventure around the world’ a book about his circumnavigation of the globe without getting on a plane, which the Independent said “Allow[s] the world’s flaws and beauty to seep into your soul”.

Nick Hand
Nick trained as a typographer anad graphic designer. He worked for a spell designing catalogues for a West Wales company called Howies and at this time took a few months off to cycle 6500 miles around the coast line of Britain and Ireland. On this journey in 2009/10 he made 130 little films mostly editing films in a tent. The little films were mostly of folk who made things by hand. Following this project Nick decided he would focus on working away from a computer and started collecting letterpress printing presses and type. This led to setting up a little company called the Letterpress Collective, a place to print and to run workshops using this six hundred year old craft of printing with moveable type. Following this Nick’s friend Robin Mather built a bicycle to carry a small printing press on the back. This has led to further adventures to far off places printing along the way, in the way of the old time ‘journeymen’. Nick is a lifelong socialist and believes that, where we can, we should use our skills and efforts for social good.

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