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This time round for our Creative Change Makers, we’re bringing attention to conscious consumption, with the aim to spread education on how to be a more mindful consumer in all areas. Particularly as the wasteful season of holidays is fast approaching, it makes a good time for us all to make a collective effort in minimising our environmental impact and bettering the health of our planet by learning to respect its precious resources. Everything has a price, but at what price/cost?

First up on our panel of speakers is author, speaker and simplicity coach, Chris Lovett,

Chris Lovett is a minimalist, speaker, career mentor, professional executive coach, simplicity coach, disruptive thought leader, and author of the bestselling self sufficiency, green living and business motivation book Discovery of Less.

One of the UK’s only motivational speakers (and kinda hilarious one too) on minimalism and the less is progress lifestyle. His minimalist storytelling and the timing of it resonates deeply (apparently!) across personal and professional lives as he shares the crazy story behind selling off, donating, recycling and discarding everything he ever owned and walking away from the security of a ‘successful’ career.

Consumed by stuff – or stuffocated! Chris talks about the incredible positive impact and psychology behind decluttering, our relationship and attachment with stuff and the ‘always on’ mentality. Plus you get ‘the how’ providing techniques and real time exercises on how to simplify and embrace less to improve well-being, home, digital and mental clutter as well as unlock the potential of you and your team.

The words of his experiences and teachings have touched thousands of lives in over 50 countries and have been featured on prominent lifestyle platforms such as No Sidebar, Minimalism Life and Optimal Living Daily.

Imagine what we could all achieve if we weren’t bogged down with endless to-do lists, an attachment to clutter and consumed by all those self limitations. We all want to see that version of you. We need that version.

“Chris Lovett offers a remarkably insightful look into what one can accomplish by disrupting our view of more, and the discovery of less. Bravo!” – Whitney Johnson, award winning author of Disrupt Yourself and Thinkers50 Leading Management Thinkers

“Inspiring yet practical, it’s a compelling argument to assess life in the context of getting more, by adopting a philosophy of ‘simple and less’. A great contribution to the area of personal improvement.” – Jamil Qureshi, Performance Coach & Psychologist

And we have the lovely, Darla Kumenius Orpinell.

Meet Darla,

I’m a freelance multidisciplinary graphic designer based in London. I was born in Switzerland in 1996, and at the age of seven I moved to the Spanish countryside. In 2014 I decided to pursue my university degree in London, where I graduated in June 2020 from a two-year Master in Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins.

Within my practice, I deeply enjoy engaging with both digital and analogue methods. I have always been a very curious person, since a very young age, a trait that helped me to develop my creativity and originality of mind. Furthermore, I have a strong interest in typography, photography, reading, researching and history, as well as travelling and learning languages.

Being passionate about film and having a sensitivity for the tactile, led me to start a new adventure four months ago: joining the graphics team in the Art Department of a TV show.

Having lived in the countryside most of my life, has given me awareness of the impact our consumer choices have in the natural environment and health.

Do you know how to be a mindful consumer? Do you know what’s in your trolley?

Buy less, buy good and join us at the event to find out HOW.

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