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What’s in it for you? Elena’s Story

Elena Ciolacu won gold in the Illustration & Animation category of the Creative Conscience Awards 2013, for her project which focused on the prevention of child/teen suicides caused by bullying.

Our aim for the Creative Conscience winners is that they get access to contacts and network across the industry, so we caught up with Elena to find out whether her Creative Conscience Award had assisted her projects any further.

The Creative Conscience Awards has had an enormous importance in my career. I had always wanted to get involved in humanitarian causes, but I never really thought that I could do that through my own work.

Since I entered the Creative Conscience Awards, my graphic novel has received 1.3 million views on bullyville.com and was selected as a Daily Deviation of DeviantArt, receiving more than 16,000 views and 1,000 comments. I have been mentored by industry professionals, offered internships across London and have won awards worldwide as a result. The impact of entering CCA is overwhelming; I have received letters and messages from thousands of bullying victims who found comfort and hope in my project, Creative Conscience has allowed me to reach out to so many people, in need of support, across the world.

This event is important and valuable for students because, just like me, there might be many more artists and creatives out there who only need one push, one opportunity, to produce a piece of work that will change someone’s life.”