Creative Conscience graduate builds impact for Earth Day Case Study

Ultrasounds of the Ocean: The unseen threat of ocean noise pollution.

Paola Delgado, Art Director and Creative behind this campaign ‘Ultrasounds of the Ocean’. Having graduated from the Creative Conscience Summer School in 2020, Paola realised that she could to do more to build positive change in the world. ‘I’ve always gravitated towards ideas that could help the environment, but now it’s a conscious decision – Ultrasounds of the Ocean is an example of that career and purpose shift’.

Along with a small talented team, Kelsey Lundstrom (Copywriter) and Garret Chun (Strategist), the team decided to give a voice to those who don’t have one, by using their creativity.

“The idea for this project started with an observation of meditation videos, most of them featuring ocean and beach-inspired sounds. We thought how ironic it is that, though most of us view the ocean as a source of calmness, relaxation, or a holiday destination, we are, as humans, an incredible source of pain and noise for all the creatures living in it. Nature is so giving. It warms us, heals us, relaxes us and as long as we keep taking from it without giving back, it will keep hurting in silence until someone really sees or hears. This information really resonated with us and became very close to our hearts, and so we decided to build a campaign around it”.

Watch more videos here.

“With that in mind, our campaign was built around a ‘stunt’ showcasing the disturbing, underwater, human-made noises were disguised as regular ocean-inspired meditation videos. To support this audiovisual content, we created a Twitter page, using the new feature “Voice Tweets”, we were able to create “Noise Tweets” that showed the harmful, human-made sounds. Finally, we started a petition to propose the creation of an ‘Ocean Noise Pollution Awareness Day’ to increase public awareness and put pressure on companies and governments to act. We shared our campaign with Big Blue Ocean Clean Up, they agreed to join in. We believe knowledge has power: power to help people see, feel and act. The aim is that this campaign will give a voice to those who don’t have one”.

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More information can be found on Paola’s website.