Creative Conscience Impact Impact

At The Creative Conscience Awards, we’ve been showcasing the finest, socially valuable, student projects since 2013. The awards continue to grow, and the quality of entries get higher every year. However, we’re all about impact, and that’s why we continue to find ways to make winning concepts a reality. We continue to partner students with mentors from the creative world or relevant organisations, finding the support, experience and funding to help launch their projects into reality, generating tangible, positive change.

Here is a selection of the work we have been engaged in:

Elena Ciolacu

Elena Ciolacu, a Romanian student at Coventry University, created a graphic novel on the subject of bullying and teen suicide. Elena’s project was a beautifully crafted, digitally produced, illustrated graphic novel of 166 pages, inspired by Elena’s own painful experience.

After the awards we mentored Elena helped promote her work to a wider audience. We arranged its publication on a US anti-bullying website, which after launch, touched the lives of over two million young people across the world. Following this exposure, she received hundreds of messages from people who had been positively affected by her story and work, even saving lives and giving hope to many who were emotionally tortured by bullying or suffered from loneliness and low self-esteem.

Elena has gone on to illustrate another graphic novel on dementia that was published last year.

Bollocks to Bollocks to Cancer

Kieran James entered the Creative Conscience Awards back in 2015, with his engaging project which aimed to raise awareness around the issue of men’s health, with his concept ‘Bollocks to Cancer’. Even though Kieran’s project didn’t win an award, we saw its potential and pitched the idea to Justin Coghlan, a founding partner of the Movember Foundation.

Movember loved the idea, and Kieran spent time last summer as an intern with their team, crafting the concept into a reality. With their support, the project was launched across several UK universities as part of the Movember Move campaign, tackling not only testicular cancer but men’s mental health and wellbeing too.


In 2015 Sabine Haddad, Claire Guiller, Greg Ormrod and Thomas Worthington won a gold award in the advertising category with their campaign for sexual health. Data shows that STIs including HIV are on the rise, particularly during the holiday season.
After the awards, we partnered this young team together with award-winning ad man Ben Akers, and sexual health charity Brook. They were given the advice, guidance and tools to launch their campaign, which aimed to raise awareness of sexual health in young people around the Christmas period. #safexxxmas reached over 2000 people in four days and the project will continue into 2017, with viral film work in partnership with Brook and the launching of their new brand and platform, including other?charities.

Our award entrants creatively tackle a variety of issues every year. We continue to support many of them into fruition, including an app to help manage asthma and encourage people to carry emergency inhalers, a project raising awareness of female genital cutting and a positive dance and dementia campaign and community project.

Our vision is to develop the longer term impact aspect of Creative Conscience – it’s where we believe the magic really lies: making tangible change to people’s lives with your creative ideas. Please enter; you never know what is possible. We could help you bring your ideas to life, create real positive change and even save lives.

Thanks, the Creative Conscience Team.