CC Awards 2019

Creative Conscience Awards 2019: Empowering the next generation of creatives Awards Ceremony



Thanks to our partners at AMV BBDO for hosting the 7th Creative Conscience Awards ceremony. On the night, we were joined by over 100 award winners, industry-leading judges and professionals all supporting creative positive social impact. The night was a great opportunity to network, and moreover celebrate what the creative community can do to enforce positive change, both locally and at a global scale.

All of the projects were focussed on topics that were meaningful to the award winners, and this was evidenced by the unique ways in which they used their design skills to develop campaigns, products and services – and many of whom were able to create tangible impact through their work. Winning ideas ranged from an app designed to help the visually impaired prepare food, illustrations to raise awareness of mental health in students, knitwear to extend the life of garments, the list goes on…

Nicholas Hulley and Nadja LossGott

The festivities were kicked off by Sarah Douglass, CEO of AMV BBDO who welcomed the audience and brought home the importance of continuing to inspire students. Nadja Lossgott and Nicholas Hulley, Creative Partners at AMV BBDO; also highlighted the importance of the awards and quality of the projects on display. Chrissy Levett then took to the stage to deliver a heartfelt talk that thanked the students for their work and empowered all of them to keep working towards their goals even in the face of adversity.

Throughout the night our very own Rosa Kim interviewed many of the judges and finalists so that they could share their story and explain why the awards meant so much to them, footage of which will be published on our YouTube channel in the near future.

Witnessing the passion behind the projects was inspirational, and championed the idea of using creative thinking to solve difficult issues. By virtue it of this, it shows how the currently underutilised creative industry is the key to solving many global issues. The awards night and events like these communicate this clearly, creating a positive ripple effect with this message is contagious.

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