Creative Changemakers conference

We’re launching the Creative Change Makers conference which will be hosted across three London venues between the 5–8th February 2020, so please save these dates. The purpose of this event is to acknowledge and celebrate the power of creative thinking and its role in solving global issues. To inspire and build tangible change.

Day one (5th February)

Will be held at the Design Museum, London and will focus on the positive effects of creative thinking on and for mental health and wellbeing. We’ll be showing fantastic creative work and ideas that have had positive effects within the challenges of mental health and wellbeing. Ben Akers (Talk club), designer Marcia Mihotich & others will take to the stage to inspire us. Ticketing will be run through the Design Museums site and launched later in November.

Day two (6th February)

Will be held at Havas HQ in King’s Cross, where industry experts will discuss and celebrate the power of creative thinking around social and environmental impact and will include Sir Johnathon Porritt, Sian Sutherland (Plastic Planet), Michael Wolff, Trylife TV, Anthony Burrill – designer, Extinction Rebellion, B-Corporation, L&Co and many others.

Day three (7th February)

Will be held at Ravensbourne University (next to the O2 arena) and will include Naresh Ramchandani (Pentagram), Brigitte Scheffer (senior producer BBC), Professor Lawrence Zeegen, Graeme Robertson (Guardian photographer), Stephanie Mills (cite design architects). It will showcase the positive effects of create initiatives, including those built by educators within institutes on staff, students, the surrounding communities, society and the world.

Day four (8th February)

Also held at Ravensbourne University, will offer training sessions on social and environmental impact as well as speaker training.

If you’re interested in volunteering then please let us know

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