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As our world stopped during COVID-19, so did a lot of the damage to our beautiful earth. So, as we ease back into the travel that was killing our planet, how can we do things differently?

As we begin to leave the house, enjoy our friends + family, and pack our bags to travel again we must be conscious of our very own footprints left behind.

For the year we were locked away, air pollution dropped, carbon emissions were at an all-time low, and our planet went silent.

The cleaner air we’ve been breathing is one of the only positive things to come out of COVID-19, and that can change again very quickly again if we revert back to the same tracks as before.

In this one-hour plus session, meet very special guest speakers, Nick Hand and Ed Gillespie. As well as Creative Conscience founder Chrissy Levett.

  1. Conscious packing + spending
  2. Suppliers + supply chain
  3. Local residents + communities
  4. Recycling + the environment

We’ll take you through meaningful tools and practical actions to help you make positive changes when on the move. Travel better, travel smarter, travel slow.

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