Creative Change Makers 2020 Day 04: Creative Change Makers – Tools & Training Events

Our final event, held again at Ravensbourne Uni on Saturday 8th Feb, included a morning workshop and training session on how creative thinking can be used to build social and environmental impact, aimed at students 16+ who care about creating a fairer, healthier and more sustainable world.

Led by Chrissy Levett and Naresh Ramchandani (Pentagram), attendees were taken through some of the ‘tools’ developed to build purpose from simple principles and shared learnings by Creative Conscience over the last eight years. The workshop included Poster Power, run by Do The Green Thing – a creative typographic exercise that encouraged participants to use a small selection of words to create powerful messages about issues that mattered to them.

For those interested in ethical fashion + textiles, an afternoon workshop on Sustainable Fashion Practices was run by Carol Rose and Anastasia Vouyouka.

The overall response from Creative Change Makers 2020 has been phenomenal. Here are just a few of the many feedback comments we received:

“These past two days, have been inspiring for me and have motivated me to come up with a impactful idea for my product.”

“Day 2 had a wealth of amazing speakers from beginning to end. That day made the most impact for me.”

“I loved how cross-disciplinary the conversations were. The focus on unity and collaboration that came through in the panel discussions and talks was inspiring as well and I loved Adah’s talk and Jonathan Porrit’s talk and how Katz put an emphasis on giving people permission to be problem solvers. Also really enjoyed the panel discussion on digital + climate.”

“I learnt so much about so many new ways of doing stuff and felt totally empowered to keep aiming higher!”

“Please take a moment to appreciate how AMAZING this event really was. And the inspiration for people to take action will live on way beyond the time of the event. I’m only saying this because I sometimes forge to pause, breathe and appreciate all of the magic.”

Our message is Be brave. Ask questions. Lead. Support each other. Help us make these changes happen.