Creative Change Makers 2020 Day 03: Creative Industries Impact #2 Events

Held at Ravensbourne University, day 3 of our event focussed on ACTION and using creative thinking for ‘good’. Industry experts, alongside leading creative educators inspired the audience with their presentations, stories and discussions around the positive effects of purpose-driven creative initiatives on society and the global environment.

Issues such as diversity, filmmaking, photography, architecture, fashion + textiles and disrupting were discussed, exposing problems and possible solutions from within our creative sector.

Chrissy shared some thoughts and issues to ponder, urging us all to take action:

“Imagine a world where every single thing we create serves us and our planet” she posed. “We need a fairer, healthier, more just and sustainable world. Individualism is killing us, and the planet and we need to look to the collective and the community.” And she left us with the thought that great things happen to brave people and challenged us all, at that moment, to make a commitment however small, to make positive changes in our lives to create change and make the world a better place.

Speakers included Professor Lawrence Zeegen (Ravensbourne), Derek Yates (Nuff Said), Marice Cumber (Accumulate), Anthony Burrill, Nicole Yershon (NY Collective), Brigitte Scheffer, Graeme Robertson (Guardian), Giulia Gandini, Tom Tapper (Nice & Serious), Joanna Romanowicz (SOS-UK), Laura Jordan Bambach (Mr President), Stephanie Mills, Oliver Heath, Petra Marko (Marko&Placemakers), Sevra Davis (British Council), Carol Rose, Jo Godden (Rubymoon), Anastasia Vouyouka, Dan Burgess (Good for Nothing), Alice Stevens (AUB), and Matt Miller (ustwo).