How can creatives have a positive impact on body confidence? Interviews

We went along to The Body Confidence Event set up by Be You Talks back in November and we were really inspired by the cause they were promoting. Be You Talks aims to hold events that create change – be it via entertaining, fun nights out to boost confidence or gathering industry movers and shakers to address critical issues and implement vital change. We spoke to their founder, Stephanie Rosilio, about the event and their beliefs.

Why did Be You Talks design ‘The Body Confidence Event #Reshape Beauty’?

Girls, women as well as boys and men around the world suffer from low body confidence. We are all too quick to highlight what we don’t like about ourselves and struggle to talk about things we do like – and with the popularity of social channels and a true addiction to our mobile apps we are constantly assessing and re-assessing our images against everyone else’s portrayal – we end up thinking other’s lives are better, we think they look better and we feel worse.

Where does change need to come from?

Lots of work is being carried out to help re-build confidence in young people and adults – HOWEVER, Be You Talks feel that more pressure needs to be mounted on the business community. Advertisers, marketeers, media publishers and entertainment channels are sending us zillions of images of ‘perfect’ looks and ‘perfect’ lives we ‘should’ be striving for. The Body Confidence event was set up to demonstrate to the marketing and creative community that the premise “skinny, tall, thin is best” is no longer valid – we gathered case studies showing how and why more diverse campaigns combined with empowering messages can still make money and impact positive social change.

What were the event highlights?

  • The event’s unique appeal was to offer a truly collaborative approach to the issues tackled – we brought together key government players, alongside brand visionaries and body confidence campaigners. Our line-up of 30+ speakers included the Minister of Women and Equalities and senior execs from Unilever, Google, Sport for England, JWT.
  • We were impressed by the enormous appetite for change voiced by the marketing and creative community at the event
  • The support received from key partners fuelled our desire to show the creative business community they do have the power to engender positive change.

What’s next?

Be You Talks are in discussions with key stakeholders about ways to launch a more powerful campaign to further increase pressure on the business community and to educate on why there is commercial and social value in using more diverse imagery in the media.

With the aim to continue to educate the business community on the issues discussed we are offering ‘Pop Up Events‘ to be hosted at media agencies and companies to show their employees and clients how diverse imagery makes money and we will offer simple ways to help clients buy into the concept – these events are tailored to each company’s needs.

Be You Talks are interested in setting up more relevant events and activities to tackle the issues discussed. Your ideas and feedback are highly valuable.


Promotional film created by @yoniweisberg, @ChiefTV and @MadeWith_

Statistics featured in film are taken from the Girlguiding’s Girls’ Attitudes Survey 2016

  • 66% of 17-21 yr old girls say they are not pretty enough
  • 59% of 17-21 yr olds believe they should lose weight
  • 61% of 17-21 yr olds say they need to be perfect