• 1

    Before you start, think about why you have chosen your given subject?

  • 2

    Have you created a positive tangible solution that calls people to action?

  • 3

    Which cause will your submission support, and why does this matter to you?

  • 4

    How will the work suggest positive change and impact as a possibility?

  • 5

    Do you have a target audience and what will the impact be on that audience?

  • 6

    Avoid just creating a negative campaign, try to inspire and engage your audience into action.

Open Brief Background

If you have an issue that you are passionate about, that you believe could help change the world in a positive way you could enter it under our Open Brief. You could identify something that isn’t working for you about the world around you and look for a solution. We’re interested however big or small your ideas are. 

We are looking for solutions and provocations that will call people to action and can lead to genuine impact. Projects can be conceptual or have the potential to develop into real life-changing solutions.

The themes you might wish to explore can be broad and varied. 

Past projects have included design solutions for food waste, humanitarian aid, education, water shortage, energy efficiency, inclusivity, campaigns & products against FGM, bullying, inequality, poverty, homelessness, child abuse, over-consumption, mental illness, urban living – to list just a few subject areas.

Men’s Mental Health Background

We have had many projects in the past on mental illness. We welcome these projects and this year are particularly interested in how we could tackle this issue in men.

Challenges happen in life: difficulties with work or finances, the breakdown of a relationship, overwhelming family responsibilities, or a significant setback. These issues can have a serious impact particularly in men who often internalise rather than socialise their struggles, and think they have to tough it out alone. This behaviour has lead to a big increase in suicides – particularly in younger men – over the past few years.

Men’s Mental Health Challenge

Establishing and maintaining relationships, talking about the hard stuff in life and taking action when times are tough are proven ways for men to cope with many of these stresses.

How would you tackle a campaign, develop a product or app to address this issue? You could design a system, a community-group, an animation or fashion line raising awareness in a positive way. Tell a story through design, build an installation, make a film or take shots that might empower men to open up and tackle this issue and to create positive change.

Inspiration and information at Movember

Gender Equality Background

Gender equality is a human right. Both men and women are entitled to live with dignity and with freedom from want and from fear. Gender equality is a precondition for advancing development and reducing poverty: empowered women contribute to the health and productivity of whole communities, improving the prospects for the next generation.

However, despite evidence demonstrating the central role of womens’ empowerment to reducing poverty, promoting development and addressing the world’s most urgent challenges – gender equality remains an unfulfilled promise.

Gender Equality Challenge

Can you think of a way to change many current behaviours and inspire people to understand the value brought by gender equality?

You could do this through a film, an app, campaign, a safe space, an education system, a series of posters, an animation, a teaching product, a toy, a personal story. Something that could actively help narrow the gender gap.

Inspiration and information at Global Goals

Connect Refugees Background

Creative Conscience have teamed up with Cause2Create & The Young Creative Council to bring you a brief that aims to provide support for one of the biggest global crises we have seen in recent years – The global refugee crisis.

With 65 million refugees, asylum seekers and displaced people across the globe fleeing war, persecution and extreme poverty. These are conditions we can only imagine and the trend is only worsening.

There are many reasons for this crisis – but we want you to help create solutions. The refugee crisis will not be solved in one brief, but we can create actionable solutions that make a difference. That’s what Cause2Create & Creative Conscience are all about: translating ideas into action.

Connect Refugees Challenge

The Theme. Connectedness.

Our lives revolve around connectedness. People, places, everything around us.

Breaking these connections can make us feel down, withdrawn and emotional. A refugee can lose many of these connections at once. Leaving home, and everything that is familiar to them behind.

In many cases leaving friends and family, leaving them feeling disconnected.

How can creativity support and improve connectedness to help those affected by the refugee crisis?

  • People are disconnected from their families back home. How do we help reconnect them? (e.g. refugee phones and broadcast without boarders)
  • There is little or nothing to do in a refugee camp, except wait. These people are from a rich variety of backgrounds, communities, educations and skill sets. How can we bring people together within the camps to leverage this diversity and tackle boredom? (Community projects running within camps right now: Art Refuge UK and Musicians Without Borders, Translators Without Borders)
  • People often leave behind everything and risk their lives to get to a new destination in the hope of a better future. However, oftentimes they’ve never actually been to that country before. How do we help connect them to their destination prior to arrival or once they get there in order to help them integrate easily into the community? (e.g. I’m not a refugee, Skype With the Camp)

Consider all outputs and media when answering this brief. Whether the solution is design, advertising, fashion, music or experientially driven. The key thing here is plausibility. The winning brief will be something that is not only creative and interesting but can be produced and put to work quickly. 

Young Creative Council

Creative Conscience Background

Creative Conscience is a not-for-profit organisation, currently applying for charitable status. We have been built by the support of some great people and a community who believe in what we’re doing. Our aim is to inspire creative thinkers and innovators to apply their talents to socially valuable projects, promoting sustainability, freedom, social health and well-being. 

Please see the short film below that sums up where we are and our focus on impact and what’s possible:

If chosen your project will used and be spread all over our network.
Thanks in advance – The Creative Conscience Team. Come and join us.

Creative Conscience Challenge

We would like your help. This brief is about applying your talents to promoting awareness of Creative Conscience and in particular our awards scheme. We’d like you to create ideas, that engage educational institutions around the world – tutors, students and graduates alike. 

To engage and enrol this audience and depending on what medium you work in, you could for example create a(n):

  • Animation
  • Series of illustrations
  • App
  • Digital campaign
  • Exhibition of the best work
  • Community space
  • Service design concept
  • Educational system where everything we teach is based on purpose and not simply profit
  • Product – perhaps a physical award
  • Fashion statement or series of tee-shirts
  • Badge for membership
  • Piece of jewellery
  • Some street art in a relevant urban environment
  • Series of posters
  • Film
  • Series of photographs

General Tips


  • Create a campaign for any cause you care about, from health to modern slavery, look to work with brands that could partner with a cause.
  • Big picture issues: freedom of speech, human rights, climate change or inequality.
  • Look at new ways of targeting your audience for (Age) Concern or some other organisation through social media.
  • A campaign to get more 18–20 males involved in the charity sector
  • Look at using current UX technologies and viral messaging not only traditional campaigns


  • Affordable, ecological urban housing
  • Creation of more green space in urban environments
  • Safe and sustainable migrant housing for crisis camps
  • Explore new ways of capturing natural energy
  • Living spaces and communities designed for the elderly, tackling loneliness

    Graphics & Service Design

  • The re-branding of a charity/NGO
  • New and engaging web design for the elderly
  • New user experience for a youth volunteering website, encouraging young people to get involved
  • An app to encourage and reward using less non-renewable energy
  • Education around consumerism with a positive call to action

    Fashion & Textiles

  • A garment that uses 100% recycled and biodegradable materials
  • Re-invent the way products are made with a circular economy model
  • Ethical messaging and new ways of looking at consumerism within fashion, less is more
  • Cross cultural fashion/textile projects that are fair and educational

    Film & Photography

  • Highlight the injustice of human trafficking or modern slavery
  • Document the issues surrounding ethnic or gender discrimination
  • A positive call to action for the injustice around mass migration
  • Document a personal story that encourages positive change against a negative experience

    Illustration & Animation

  • Educating people on waste, provide a call to action with positive outcomes
  • How it feels to be old, lonely and forgotten with a call to action (i.e. solution focused)
  • Depression in young disadvantaged men and what could be done to tackle this
  • The issues of obesity in a fun and motivating way

    Product & Structural Design

  • Adaptable and environmentally friendly storage units for refugees
  • Re-package food in a waste free way, re-think behaviours
  • Re-invent the concept of a nursing home
  • Air dropped life rafts for migrants at sea