Blickwinkel Pavillion Inspiration


At one of the most beautiful places in Bavaria, Felix Pöttinger teamed up with the carpentry company Eham to create the pavilion “Blickwinkel” (which means points of view), it’s a creative collaboration between design and crafts and takes place during MCBW – Munich Creative Business Week 2019.

The Eham company, together with designer Felix Pöttinger, looks at a topic that affects us all: The status quo of our native forests.

The overwhelming popularity of the recently successful citizens initiative “Biodiversity” shows the importance of the field of insect and nature conservation in the population.

However, local forests are currently suffering enormously from the consequences of climate change. Heat waves, droughts, forest fires, storms and bark beetle infestations have been a serious threat in the forests of Germany. This situation does not only affect forest owners, sawmills, carpenters and furniture makers, but also the habitats of animals.

This pavilion invites people from the industry, crafts and science to provide a forum for a constructive dialogue.