Awards Entry

100% of funds go towards charity – by entering you’re helping to build a fairer, healthier and more sustainable world. Thank you.

Who can enter?
The competition is open to full or part-time students or graduates (of up to 24 months) that have enrolled in a recognised undergraduate, postgraduate, higher or further education course. We’ve extended the deadline until 14th May 2022 due to current situation. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU ARE PATIENT AT THE FINAL STEP OF THE FORM. AT THIS STEP THE PROJECT IS UPLOADING, DO NOT CLOSE OR REFRESH YOUR BROWSER UNTIL YOU SEE THE THANK YOU.
What about fee?
There is a £20 admin fee per entrant (excluding team entries where each entrant is charged a £15 admin fee). Entrants are able to enter multiple projects, but each new project has to be entered independently and is charged as an independent entry.
How can I pay?
If you’re paying on behalf of yourself or your team, you can do so by selecting ‘I enter or pay by myself’ from the Select your payment type dropdown. If you prefer to pre-pay for a set of entries, you can select ‘I want to pre-pay for other’. With this method, you will be sent a selection of codes which can then be used in lieu of direct payment. This option is ideal for tutors paying in bulk on behalf of their students. If you’re a student who’s been supplied a pre-paid code, you should select ‘I enter using a pre-paid code’, and input the code when prompted.