An Interview with Paul Barlow Judges Interviews

Judging all the entries for the inaugural Creative Conscience Awards is proving to be a long process. It is also a deeply inspiring one. Not just because of the awesome quality of the entries we’ve received but also because we get to spend quality time with some of the creatives we most admire.

Aside from the judging, we’ve been chatting with those creatives about what inspires them and why they’ve chosen to become part of this ambitious initiative.

Here’s what Paul Barlow, founder of design and branding studio, L&Co, had to say…

What is the single most interesting brief you’ve worked on during your career?

A new mobile phone brand for Estonia, called Diil. It’s a budget brand so working on it was very liberating indeed – there were no rules, no red tape. We were able to grab every big idea that we had and run with it.

Who has been your biggest influence?

Creative Director, David Freeman. He taught me the power of having ideas – he IS ‘Mr Ideas’!

What is the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Good design is all about putting across the message; never let anything get in the way of that.

What advice would you give a creative student today?

Start with ideas. Put away your mouse and use your brain and a pencil. Good design is about attitude, not skill.

In this culture of fear and cautiousness, what is the future of design?

Standards are coming down across so many areas today. Design has a way of reinventing itself so it’s always relevant.

What is it about the Creative Conscience Awards:UK that has inspired you to get involved?

We don’t do enough of this stuff. In our business, awards tend to be about self-congratulation. Using design for the greater good is wonderful. Chrissy – founder of CCA:UK – has a passion that is evangelical.

How does your creative conscience express itself in your work?

We always make time for ‘not for profit’ clients such as Starlight. We try to maintain integrity and we always aim to do things as honestly as we can.

Interview by: Kate Burton