An Interview with Nicola Mendelsohn Judges Interviews

Nicola Mendelsohn


Judging all the entries for the inaugural Creative Conscience Awards is proving to be a long process. It is also a deeply inspiring one. Not just because of the awesome quality of the entries we’ve received but also because we get to spend quality time with some of the creatives we most admire.

Aside from the judging, we’ve been chatting with those creatives about what inspires them and why they’ve chosen to become part of this ambitious initiative.

Here’s what Nicola Mendelsohn Executive Chairman of super cool agency, Karmarama, had to say…

What is the single most interesting brief you’ve worked on during your career?

The White Ribbon Alliance tent at the Glastonbury festival. There was no budget, but we just had to get involved.

Who has been your biggest influence?

My parents. They gave me my moral compass, my value system and have always given me their unwaivering support.

What is the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Do the things that you think that you can’t do.

What advice would you give a creative student today?

Have no regrets. Never go through life thinking ‘I could have’ or ‘I wish I had’ and, of course, do the things that you think that you can’t do.

In this culture of fear and cautiousness, what is the future of design?

There is a fantastic future for design so long as we continue to be pioneering, experimental and involved.

What is it about the Creative Conscience Awards:UK that has inspired you to get involved?

Every day, we have to consider the effects of what we do and how that impacts greater society. We must all try to do that little bit extra.

How does your creative conscience express itself in your work?

At Karmarama we have created a value system around the concept of doing good work. This extends to staff and everyone we work with; it’s the basis of everything that we do.

As she left, Nicola gave me her business card. On it is written, ‘Karmarama Good Works. At Karmarama we believe in good karma. We are good to our staff and our clients, and hopefully one day, some of that goodness will come back to us. To have one of these cards you must have been really nice to us. So over the next few days, prepare yourself for a large dollop of good karma loveliness’.

We truly applaud this kind of authenticity and Nicola’s deep commitment to place goodness in the world.

Interview by: Kate Burton